Who is The Freeze Queen

Welcome to The Freeze Queen Emporium, your go-to spot in Cardiff, NSW, for freeze-dried lolly bliss!

In January 2022, Nicola stumbled upon a viral TikTok featuring freeze dried treats. Intrigued, she embarked on a mission to bring this delicious freeze dried delight to Australia. From her garage headquarters, Nicola began her freeze dried journey.

Through meticulous research and late-night brainstorming sessions, she navigated the complexities of starting a business: from registering domain names and designing logos to sourcing suppliers and fine-tuning her freeze-drying techniques.

That was it! The Freeze Queen was launched online, and Nicola was skating on ice…

All the hard work was paying off, and Nicola was busier than ever! Online sales were through the roof, however, she wanted to get her freeze dried treats to a bigger crowd; so by February 2022, armed with determination and her second machine, The Freeze Queen was running at full capacity.

In June 2022, Nicola met her partner Adam, and if having sales through the roof was not enough of a challenge, Nicola thought it was a great idea to hit the local markets. However, they quickly realised that success didn't come without its hurdles. Supply chain issues, equipment malfunctions, and the unpredictable nature of running a business tested their resilience.

But Nicola and Adam were undeterred. With each setback, they adapted and grew stronger. In September 2022, they made a bold move, signing the lease for their brick and mortar store. The months leading up to the grand opening were a whirlwind of excitement and stress as they juggled renovations, staffing, and marketing efforts.

Finally, in September 2022, doors swung open to eager patrons, marking a new chapter in their freeze dried adventure. The Freeze Queen Emporium had come a long way from its humble beginnings in the garage, thanks to the unwavering dedication and passion of its founder and massive support from their loyal customers.

Ever since September, the business has been on a consistent path, and due to the loyal customer base, we have been able to add extra treats to our range with the introduction of Belgian chocolate strawberry cups and soft serve ice cream with our freeze dried lolly toppings.

Join us on this freeze dried journey, where every freeze dry is made with love and passion. Welcome to The Freeze Queen Emporium, where the adventure is as sweet as our treats.